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Closing prices for 07/22/24

Fund Nav Change
KY Tax-Free Income $7.22 0.00
KY Short-to-Medium $5.12 0.00
TN Tax-Free Income $10.62 0.00
TN Short-to-Medium $10.25 0.00
NC Tax-Free Income $10.77 0.00
NC Short-to-Medium $10.37 0.01
AL Tax-Free Income $11.50 0.00
MS Tax-Free Income $11.09 0.00
Taxable Municipal Bond $7.42 -0.01
Inter. Gov't Bond $9.45 0.00
The Dupree Story

Dupree has always been a small firm doing big things. In 1941, we were a newly started family-owned securities brokerage firm specializing in tax-free municipal bonds and operating out of a little office above the Greyhound bus station in Harlan, Kentucky. In 1963, Dupree moved to Lexington and became a regional leader in public finance, helping to structure complex and innovative municipal bond financing for some of the largest public projects in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, including Rupp Arena. 

Along the way, we developed skills and expertise that allowed us to price a portfolio of bonds on a daily basis—a sophisticated capability previously unheard of “west of the Hudson River.” To be sure, our products and technology have changed over the years, but all of the changes have been aligned with our guiding purpose from the start: to offer investors a high-quality, low-cost way to invest in municipal and government bonds and provide superior shareholder service.


In 1979, one man’s vision changed our future. Our president, Tom Dupree, Sr., saw and seized an opportunity to make a difference for individual investors by offering a no-load municipal bond fund option that delivered a steady stream of tax-exempt income while, at the same time, helping communities fund their infrastructure projects.

Today, Dupree Mutual Funds continues to be a pioneer in the no-load single-state municipal bond market. Our funds still offer individual investors affordable access to tax-free income opportunities. We’re still family owned and operated. And we still believe that personal investing should be personal. If you agree, let’s get started.


Why Invest in Municipal Bonds?

Municipal bonds are a conservative investment that offers a steady stream of tax-free interest income. They also offer investors a way to contribute to local and regional community improvements since they help finance essential infrastructure and public service projects such as roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, water and sewer facilities, and arenas.

Dupree Mutual Funds has a long track record of success in the municipal bond business. In fact, we established the first no-load single-state Kentucky municipal bond fund in 1979 – it is currently the third oldest single-state municipal bond fund operating in the United States. In addition to Kentucky funds, we also offer single-state tax-free funds in Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

Advantages of Tax-Free Mutual Funds

Investors look to municipal bond funds to provide a steady stream of income that is free from state and federal tax.  In some cases, investors can earn income that is free from local taxes as well. In an effort to increase the yield they offer, many municipal bond funds buy bonds that are subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT).  Our funds do not hold any bonds that are subject to the AMT. As a result, the income earned by our investors is not subject to the AMT.

If you are considering investing in municipal bonds, you should carefully consider a fund’s investment goals, risks, charges, and expenses before investing.  Always request and carefully read the fund’s prospectus before investing.

Tax-Free mutual funds make it easy to investment in municipal bonds

No-load municipal bond funds make it easy to invest in municipal bonds and they offer a number of advantages over holding individual municipal bonds:

  • Lower minimum investment requirements
  • No front-load, back-load, or sales commissions of any kind
  • Professional management of the portfolio to minimize credit and default risk
    • Greater cost efficiencies due to the manager’s access to institutional markets
    • In-depth credit research and securities analysis
    • On-going contact with the issuers of the bonds
  • Diversification across bond issuers further lowers risk
  • Monthly and/or quarterly dividends vs. semi-annual or annual interest payments offered by individual bonds
  • Ability to reinvest dividends

Isn’t it time to consider adding Municipal Bond Funds to your portfolio?

Whether you are interested in the convenience of owning municipal bonds with professional management, reducing the risk of owning individual bonds in your portfolio, seeking better after-tax returns, or wanting to make an investment that helps local communities, we can assist you in making the decision that is right for you and your goals.

Let’s get started.

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